Building upon the foundation

SOLC Day 17:  Building Upon The Foundation

Throughout my day there are many groups of children from various grades that I work with in the areas of reading, writing, and math.  I enjoy working with each of the groups, but I most enjoy going into one of the first grade classes to support them in writing.  From the moment I walk in, I have students requesting conferences.  I try to meet with as many as possible and I usually leave with the names of two students who have requested I meet with them first for the following day.

They are incredibly eager to hear what I think about their writing or to show the newest details to their writing or illlustrations.  They enjoy coming over to sit with me on the floor and ask my opinion about their story ideas.  The idea of a purple revision pen is practically cause for a celebration among them and they end their writing time sharing their plan of action for the following day. 

I can enoy this because their teacher has set up writing as a positive experience.  The foundation was carefully laid in Kindergarten and she has continued to build upon it with collaboration, cooperation, and encouragement. I can’t wait to see and read what they produce in the future.