SOLC Day 19: The Push

When I considered joining the gym, I insisted my husband join so I could have someone push me when I felt like slacking off.  There were days where I pushed him but it seems that lately I’m the one that needs the extra push.   In spite of the fact that I asked him to push me, I don’t like the push and reluctantly I go and work out.

Once we are at the gym he glances over to make sure I am pushing myself enough to make a difference.  If I don’t work up a sweat, I am expected to work harder.  He knows my excuses and how far he can push before I turn off the machines and call it quits.

I think that is how some of our students feel when we ask them to write.  They ask for company but may not always like the direction you lead them in their work.  They want to develop strong “writing muscles” but don’t always like to write for longer periods of time.  They resist when you challenge them to give you more details or go back and check their work.

Oh, but when you achieve your desired goal, it feels and looks good.  So keep pushing and expecting more of your writers.  I will go back to the gym and push myself some more.