Shall We Dance?

SOLC Day 20: Shall We Dance?

When you are a dance student, there is a lot of preparation that takes place before you can perform in front of an audience.  There are warm-up stretches you do to prevent muscle injuries and the constant practices to make sure you aren’t out of step with your partners.

This week our teachers have prepared for parent conferences, and just like dancers they too have prepared for the dance.  They have prepared their bodies for the stamina they need to go from conference to conference, and they have rehearsed their word choices in order to make effective use of their time.

With each new parent(dance partner) who comes in for a conference, begins a new dance.  Some conferences may be like a Tango, a Cha-Cha, Square Cance, or a beautiful Waltz.  Each dance is different and possess its possible challenges, but if done correctly is beautiful to watch and leaves you feeling like you have won first place in a Dance Competition.

Maybe even the mirror ball trophy from Dancing with the Stars.