The Frozen Treat?

SOLC Day 21: Chill Out!

In celebration of the first day of spring, I stocked up on ice cream.  Once I got home, of course, I wanted to put them in the freezer but when I opened the freezer door I came face to face with a frozen treat of sorts.

My daughter had put her shoes in the freezer!

Puzzled by the frozen surprise, I asked her to come down and explain her thinking.  Her answer was simply, “my feet were hot and I wanted to cool my shoes so they could cool my feet.”  She then took the shoes out of the freezer, put them on her feet, and walked away.

I began to wonder if Dr. Seuss would have added “Cool Feet” as a line to his classic, “The Foot Book”.

I am also a little worried about what I may find the next time I open the freezer.

7 thoughts on “The Frozen Treat?

  1. Ha! My feet were sweating yesterday too . . . never would have thought of this! Such a problem solver! Now she has some happy feet!

  2. This is halarious! I love the way your daughter thinks. She sounds an awful lot like mine! That is something my daughter would think of for sure! Thanks for making me laugh today!

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