My Heart Aches

SOLC Day 24: My Heart Aches

Earlier today I received the news that a student from my school unexpectedly lost a parent.  My mind immediately began to wonder about he may be feeling, what would happen next, and what I can do to help. 

Just then I remembered a writing celebration he invited me to just a couple of months ago.  He was so excited for me to read his writing and see how much he had grown since he left my kindergarten class.  His story was about a family vacation.  As I sat there remembering how proud he was of his story, it struck me that his vacation story would not have additional chapters for his family.  My heart began to ache for this boy.  This story would now have new meaning and significance for him. 

When a tragedy like this occurs, you wonder what people, especially your children would remember about you.

-did you laugh with your children?

-did you tell them how much you love them?

-did you hug them?

-did you have time for them?

What is the legacy we are leaving?