Saying Good-bye

Saying Good-bye

The program listed 4 different groups.  It listed the songs each group would play.  Each of the conductors came on stage with their students eagerly awaiting to demonstrate what they had accomplished during the course of the school year.

Last night was my daughter’s end of year middle school band concert and as I watched each group of students perform and enjoyed the melodious sounds of the well orchestrated instruments, my mind began to think back to the beginning of the year when I was filled with anxiety about M beginning a new school.

I thought about the way  many people, including myself, celebrate many “firsts” in the life of a child (first steps, first time they walk, first birthday, and first day of school).  Everything is documented because of the importance of those moments.

I turned to my husband during the changing of musical groups and informed him that this was the first of many last events in middle school.  He looked at me with a puzzled look.  I explained that tonight’s concert was the last concert for her as a sixth grader and that it was the last sixth grade concert we were attending as parents. He shook his head and reminded me that I should just sit back and enjoy the concert.  I did enjoy the concert and applauded each group of musicians, but I did leave with a slight feeling of grief.

Last night I said good-bye to sixth grade and took my program home to place in my book of “first” and “last” memories.