Lessons from watching field hockey

Earlier this spring my daughter took an interest in field hockey and after playing a few games, decided to try out for the school’s field hockey team.  She made the team and now I am immersed in the world of travel games, watching(regardless of how hot, cold, or wet the weather) cheering,  and trying to learn the rules of an unfamiliar game.

As I have observed this team of 12 year olds, and their games, I have come to learn some of life’s lessons.  I am beginning a list which I know will grow with the duration of the season.

Here is what I have, so far…

1.  Regardless of differences in opinions, we are one team with one goal and vision out on the field.

2.  Girls can be just as competitive as boys.

3.  When you make a mistake laugh, learn, and move forward.  It’s not the end.

4.  When you are in the field, you back up your teammates against the opponents.

5.  Just when you think the ball is going in your direction, someone can take it away, so always be alert.

6.  Regardless of the outcome, always be gracious.

Do any of these stand out for you?


6 thoughts on “Lessons from watching field hockey

  1. All of the lessons you wrote down could apply to my family. The lesson that stood out for me personally is number three. Move forward. A mistake is not the end. Thank you for sharing your list. I look forward to reading more as the season progresses.

    • As a follow up to this post, I attended a game yesterday in which many of the mothers watching their daughters play were not gracious. It was a very awkward situation but I still cheered my team on (hopefully as a role model).

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