Final Post for the Challenge

I love the traditions of Easter.

Everyone dresses up for church in new clothes.

Enjoy the service.

Get together with family for dinner.

Watch the kids enjoy the Easter egg hunt.


My oldest came home for the weekend, so I took advantage of taking a family photo in our backyard.




Happy Easter!

Near the end

I can’t believe we are completing the month long challenge.  It has been such a pleasure reading so many posts from so many talented writers.  I have taken away so many stories and ideas for future slices and I am hoping to go back and try catching up on some of the posts I was not able to read during the month.

This was my 4th year participating in the challenge.  I always look forward to the challenge for several reasons:

1. It holds me accountable to write every day.

2. It makes me become more vulnerable as a writer when other people read my writing.

3. The feedback I receive is always appreciated and inspires me to continue.

4. It takes me out of my comfort zone.

5. I connect with new friends and reconnect with friends from previous years.

Congratulations to everyone that participated in the challenge.


My Morning Surprise

This morning as I walked towards my car, something caught my attention in the front yard.

Where did it come from?

When did it arrive?

I didn’t put it there, but there it was to greet me, as if to say, “surprise!”

Upon closer inspection I noticed that there were more friends waiting to greet the day.

They look like little purple polka dots adorning the yard.


I can’t wait to check for tomorrow morning’s surprise.

It’s time for eggs!

Purchase the eggs.  Check √

Fill them with candy.  Check  √

Begin searching for hiding places in the backyard.  Check  √

Baskets for the kids.  Check  √

Camera charged.  Check  √

Can’t wait until Sunday to see the smiling faces.  Check  √

Those mirrors!

Today, I had to go and buy a new dress for Easter.  Normally I don’t mind shopping but when I have to shop for a dress, that’s another story.  I browsed through the store and saw some pretty dresses on the manequins.  I took a few in different sizes and headed to the dressing room.

Why are the mirrors in those dressing rooms so cruel!

One was too small, one was too large, not enough room in the hips, too much belly, not enough to fill on top.  Oy!  I wanted to leave and forget about the whole thing, but I knew I couldn’t go home empty-handed and I definitely didn’t want to do this again tomorrow.  So, I enlisted the help of my daughter (only 12) and she made sure I left the store with a dress that fit just right along with all the accessories to complete the look.

When did things change where I now need my 12 year old to keep this grumpy dress shopper focused?


She hides.

Her ears go down when she hears, “bath.”

In the tub she goes.

She looks up with sad eyes.

She tries to escape but knows she’s defeated.

Wrapped in a towel, she knows what’s next.

She scurries but settles on the towel

as the familiar sound of the dryer fills the room.

She puts her head on my lap and looks up at me

as if asking how long ’till it ends.

It’s over and she’s clean and fluffy.

Out the door she goes, frisky and free.

Now, I look in the mirror and the one

that needs a bath is me.

What is a friend?

This morning I received a call from a friend

who was in the ER last night.

She may have lost a child she carried.

So I hurried to care for her responsibilities.

Some would ask why I would do that.

Why wouldn’t I?

How couldn’t I?

Shouldn’t we help when someone is hurting?

Shouldn’t we weep when a friend hurts?

The Hat

There is sits

in my closet

filled with his scent.

Whenever I want to feel

close to him again,

I go

and inhale

the smell

of his favorite cologne

that still faintly lingers

and the memories

flood my mind.

And I smile.

The hat.

Abuelos hat.


My Abuelo list

My friend Jodi at, wrote a beautiful slice where she wrote about her Poppy in the form of a list.  It inspired me to try my own list about my Abuelo.


Abuelo, who always wore a hat.

Abuelo, who always counted the minutes until we arrived from the airport.

Abuelo, who always spoiled us at the candy store.

Abuelo, who always played and laughed with us.

Abuelo, who always went out and picked the freshest fruit from the garden early in the morning for breakfast.

Abuelo, who always acted like a kid.

Abuelo, who always had a story to share.

Abuelo, who seemed to know everyone in town.

Abuelo, who always let us use his hammock.

Abuelo, who always let us play with whatever hair was still on his head.

Abuelo, whose face never had a frown.

Abuelo, who met all of my children before he left this world.

Abuelo, whose final hat sits in my closet.


Too Eager

I have been challenging myself to add new things to my gym routine.  Today I decided that I would add a Pilates class before Zumba.  My problem when I attend these classes is that I tend to be a bit competitive and I want to keep up with the instructor (crazy for a new person).  I was doing just fine in Pilates until this one move required me to lay on the floor and “hinge” my legs up and over my head.  Then it happened, something pulled in my lower back and I knew I was in trouble.  A reasonable person would have stopped, but not me, I continued to push myself and completed both the Pilates and Zumba classes.

As I slowly walked back to my car, (why did I park so far away?) I came up with a plan of action to soothe my poor back.

As I very slowly walked up the stairs to my bedroom, I hoped I still had some Aleve in the medicine cabinet.

Now, after taking two Aleve pills and a warm shower, I lay here late at night in my bed with the massaging heating pad, (thank goodness) writing about my perils of being over eager at the gym.

I hope those pills do the trick!