IT Finally Happened!!

SOLC Day 2

Earlier today I was at my account’s office when my husband received a phone call from his sister’s house.  He stepped outside to take the call, but when he returned, his face clearly indicated that whatever news he received was not good.  He sat down beside me and tried to explain what the phone call was about, without letting the accountant hear the message.  This is what it sounded like:

“Who was on the phone?”

“My sister.”

“Is everything okay?”

“No.  We need to go back as soon as we’re finished.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s Maddie.”

“What’s wrong?  Is she sick?”


“What’s wrong? Did she get hurt?”

“No.  She-um, um, um, became a young lady.”

“Oh boy.”

“She’s crying and she wants you to go to the house.”

“Okay.  We’re almost finished here.  We’ll leave right away.”

“We need to buy her some flowers.  Purple ones.  Oh my.  I think I’m getting a headache.”

I’m pretty sure the accountant understood our conversation, but he just politely clicked away at his keyboard.  Once we left, we hurried to the store to buy some flowers (and other new accessories) and headed to his sister’s home.  When we arrived she was sulking on the couch.  Honestly speaking, looking around I didn’t know who was sadder… father or daughter.



The flowers now sit on her dresser and I have spent the rest of the day having the famous change of body and life conversation that every mother has with her daughter.