The New List

SOLC: Day 7

It seems that most days my life is filled with “To Do” lists.  Lists at work, lists at home, and personal lists.  At work, I keep my lists on post-its stuck to my desk.  Those that know me understand that I don’t like clutter and that post-its stuck everywhere will drive me crazy until I get rid of them.

My home lists are stuck to the refrigerator alongside my shopping list.  I also keep all of my lists on my iphone.  I think I am pretty organized and I enjoy the small victory of crossing something off one of my several lists.

Yet, it seems that as soon as I enjoy the victory of checking an item off, it is immediately replaced by another.  There are times when it seems like a never ending battle, so I am considering beginning a new list…one that lists the items that are complete.  I may try it at home and see if it makes me feel better.  I’ll keep you posted.