The Call

SOLC: Day 10

4:00-The plane should have landed.  I keep checking my watch.

4:15-I checked with the airline and the flight arrived.  Why is this so hard?

4:30-They should be going through customs and baggage.  I keep checking my watch.

4:45-“Should I call?”

5:00-“When is he going to call?”  “Maybe I should call?”

5:15-“I hope everything is okay!”

6:00-The Call!!

He finally calls and tells us he’s back in Florida.  He had been away for a week building homes and working with children in a remote area.  No way to contact him, no way of knowing if he was okay.  It was a long week and I had to have faith.

I knew that my baby bird would have to fly, but now that he can fly I wish he were closer to the nest.

The call has brought some relief!  He is home and now I can rest.