The Call

SOLC: Day 10

4:00-The plane should have landed.  I keep checking my watch.

4:15-I checked with the airline and the flight arrived.  Why is this so hard?

4:30-They should be going through customs and baggage.  I keep checking my watch.

4:45-“Should I call?”

5:00-“When is he going to call?”  “Maybe I should call?”

5:15-“I hope everything is okay!”

6:00-The Call!!

He finally calls and tells us he’s back in Florida.  He had been away for a week building homes and working with children in a remote area.  No way to contact him, no way of knowing if he was okay.  It was a long week and I had to have faith.

I knew that my baby bird would have to fly, but now that he can fly I wish he were closer to the nest.

The call has brought some relief!  He is home and now I can rest.


3 thoughts on “The Call

  1. My grandma used to say we give our kids roots and wings. Your writing captures the beauty of motherhood. Waiting on the phone to ring and worrying about our childrens’ safety is in the job description. Thanks for sharing your writing with the world.

  2. Oh, that must have been so difficult, knowing that he was out of contact! I’m glad he’s back safe and sound. I’m sure that’s the only way you can truly relax.

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