The Collection

One of the things I enjoy doing is collecting recipes that, at some point, I would like to try.  I keep them all in a binder categorized by appetizers/snack, sides, main course, desserts.  My husband always tells me that I should just order the magazines online and download them so that I can keep everything at my fingertips.

Although that may be easier, I love thumbing through the binder I have created.  There is a sense of accomplishment and excitement when I can add a new page to the growing collection or look back at the recipes I have tried.  I enjoy taking it down to the kitchen and propping it open so I can experiment through the sections of the book.

I may not be the next Martha or Giada, but when I open my book, I can temporarily be as good as them.  I guess it’s my own fairy tale.


6 thoughts on “The Collection

  1. I have a binder LIKE yours, Caroline. Instead it’s a binder of magazine recipes and printouts from websites that I have made. I put them all in plastic sleeves if they’re “keepers” after I make them once.

    As for the ones I want to try, I keep them shoved into the front pocket of one of the binders. They long to be removed and made.

    I like having this stuff at my fingertips, too. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Oh my , did your post strike a chord. I have THREE collections of recipes! One year a blogger posted a new cupcake recipe every week for a year. I printed and saved many of them, and made not a one!!
    Before the Big Move I plowed through one as I sat at night, and had a lovely full recycling bin. And the favorites….I know just where they are. A better woman would have them recopied and organized, but they are happily stuck in between the pages of one binder or recipe book, and another. It’s just more fun that way.

  3. I have a binder too! My husband and I flip though it often to decide what meals we’re going to make for the week. I think this sounds much easier than trying to search electronically.

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