In the often hectic world of teaching, it is nice to be able to take some time and reconnect with each other.  One of the ways our school does this is by keeping certain traditions.  Today, as we do every year, we had our St. Patrick’s Day lunch.  Everyone participated by contributing items for the lunch.  There is the wearing of the green and the familiar and comforting smells of soup and other goodies coming from the faculty room.

On this day there aren’t enough chairs for everyone around the tables, and regardless of how busy everyone is it’s not as important as the warm bowl of soup from the delicious choices available.

It’s time to reconnect and laugh.  It’s time to forget about diets and just try the varieties of soups, breads, cookies, and shamrock shakes to get you through the rest of the day.  I hope we never give up our traditions.


9 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. I’ve been trying to come up with traditions in my classroom but it’s a little more challenging at the 11th grade level. Oh, those jaded 16 year olds! Did you have your St. Paddy’s lunch with kids or staff or both?

  2. Traditions! Next week we will have our version of Where’s Waldo? only it will be Where in the World is Mr. P? Every day the principal will give clues about his secret location and classes will submit their guesses. Winners are announced at the end of the day. It’s part of our International Week. Friday we will have a program with songs from around the world and a roll call of nations which gives everyone the chance to stand and cheer for their heritage, and all join in to cheer for the Red, White, and Blue at the end.

  3. Too funny! We just had a salad potluck this week with the focus on healthy. No pop or desserts allowed. It was wonderful…but I could have eaten a cookie or two. Good stuff, food traditions!

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