Here I go, again!

Each year it never fails that as we approach Spring Break, I begin to create a list.  This list consists of the things I would like to accomplish in a matter of one week.  My husband tells me that my lists are often unrealistic and that I set myself up for disappointment, which I hate to admit is true, so this year I did something different.

I created my list and then forced myself to revise the list by crossing off the items that could wait a little later.  Now as I read over the list there are  items I think are realistic to check off as they are accomplished.

1. Get to the gym every morning(and a few evenings).

2. Complete 2 open Shutterfly projects.

3. Clear out some of dead leaves to make room for the new growth from my Hosta and Hydrangea plants.

4. Rearrange my son’s room before he comes home for Easter.

5. Purchase new living room furniture and rearrange the living room.

6. Clean out the pantry.

7. Finish reading some of the books on my nightstand.

I can’t wait to begin checking them off!!


7 thoughts on “Here I go, again!

  1. Ooo… New living room furniture! I find these lists so essential to make sure that I focus on the most important things, especially during break times! Sounds like you have a great spring break ahead, enjoy!

  2. Love your list. I wanted to see the unrealistic things you crossed off! You’ve inspired me to start my own list, with the dose of realism that you applied.

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