Go around the hurdles

My daughter decided to try out for the school track team this season.  She is very fast at sprinting, so my husband and I encouraged her to try out and do her best.  Every day for the past two weeks she has come home announcing that her legs feel like noodles and sharing about the highs and lows of the try-outs.

Last Friday she came home and announced that she would probably not participate in the hurdles race.  When we asked her how she arrived at that conclusion, she told us how the practice race began and she ran towards the hurdles.  As she approached the hurdles she panicked that she would trip, so instead of jumping over the hurdles she ran around them and completed the race.  At first we all laughed as we imagined what it must have looked like to the coaches, but then we congratulated her for trying to come up with a solution and not giving up.

We all face hurdles that, at times, may seem overwhelming.  We may even think that we can’t finish what we have started, but I think that when they come instead of trying to jump over them, maybe we should just go around them and complete the course.


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