Too Eager

I have been challenging myself to add new things to my gym routine.  Today I decided that I would add a Pilates class before Zumba.  My problem when I attend these classes is that I tend to be a bit competitive and I want to keep up with the instructor (crazy for a new person).  I was doing just fine in Pilates until this one move required me to lay on the floor and “hinge” my legs up and over my head.  Then it happened, something pulled in my lower back and I knew I was in trouble.  A reasonable person would have stopped, but not me, I continued to push myself and completed both the Pilates and Zumba classes.

As I slowly walked back to my car, (why did I park so far away?) I came up with a plan of action to soothe my poor back.

As I very slowly walked up the stairs to my bedroom, I hoped I still had some Aleve in the medicine cabinet.

Now, after taking two Aleve pills and a warm shower, I lay here late at night in my bed with the massaging heating pad, (thank goodness) writing about my perils of being over eager at the gym.

I hope those pills do the trick!

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