My Abuelo list

My friend Jodi at, wrote a beautiful slice where she wrote about her Poppy in the form of a list.  It inspired me to try my own list about my Abuelo.


Abuelo, who always wore a hat.

Abuelo, who always counted the minutes until we arrived from the airport.

Abuelo, who always spoiled us at the candy store.

Abuelo, who always played and laughed with us.

Abuelo, who always went out and picked the freshest fruit from the garden early in the morning for breakfast.

Abuelo, who always acted like a kid.

Abuelo, who always had a story to share.

Abuelo, who seemed to know everyone in town.

Abuelo, who always let us use his hammock.

Abuelo, who always let us play with whatever hair was still on his head.

Abuelo, whose face never had a frown.

Abuelo, who met all of my children before he left this world.

Abuelo, whose final hat sits in my closet.


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