Those mirrors!

Today, I had to go and buy a new dress for Easter.  Normally I don’t mind shopping but when I have to shop for a dress, that’s another story.  I browsed through the store and saw some pretty dresses on the manequins.  I took a few in different sizes and headed to the dressing room.

Why are the mirrors in those dressing rooms so cruel!

One was too small, one was too large, not enough room in the hips, too much belly, not enough to fill on top.  Oy!  I wanted to leave and forget about the whole thing, but I knew I couldn’t go home empty-handed and I definitely didn’t want to do this again tomorrow.  So, I enlisted the help of my daughter (only 12) and she made sure I left the store with a dress that fit just right along with all the accessories to complete the look.

When did things change where I now need my 12 year old to keep this grumpy dress shopper focused?