Not soon enough!

It’s springing up from the ground.

It’s in the morning songs I hear.

It’s in the flight patterns that have changed.

It’s in the breeze I feel.

Spring is coming.

O hurry, Spring!  Chase away the chill of winter and the frost that greets the day.

When will you surround us with a blanket of brighter, warmer days?


Go around the hurdles

My daughter decided to try out for the school track team this season.  She is very fast at sprinting, so my husband and I encouraged her to try out and do her best.  Every day for the past two weeks she has come home announcing that her legs feel like noodles and sharing about the highs and lows of the try-outs.

Last Friday she came home and announced that she would probably not participate in the hurdles race.  When we asked her how she arrived at that conclusion, she told us how the practice race began and she ran towards the hurdles.  As she approached the hurdles she panicked that she would trip, so instead of jumping over the hurdles she ran around them and completed the race.  At first we all laughed as we imagined what it must have looked like to the coaches, but then we congratulated her for trying to come up with a solution and not giving up.

We all face hurdles that, at times, may seem overwhelming.  We may even think that we can’t finish what we have started, but I think that when they come instead of trying to jump over them, maybe we should just go around them and complete the course.

Here Comes the Bride

Just returned from a friend’s beautiful wedding.

In my lifetime, I have attended or participated in numerous weddings.  In every single wedding there is always one moment I look forward to…the moment the doors open and the bride begins her walk down the aisle.  There is something special about everyone seeing her for the first time.  The ooh’s and aaah’s, the tears, the look of love on the faces, and the look from the groom as he seems to fall in love on a deeper level, as he sees his soon-to-be wife.

Over time I will forget (and in some cases, have forgotten) the receptions, music, guests, and souvenirs, but I always remember the first look, the one that announces the beginning of a new chapter in a life.


Here I go, again!

Each year it never fails that as we approach Spring Break, I begin to create a list.  This list consists of the things I would like to accomplish in a matter of one week.  My husband tells me that my lists are often unrealistic and that I set myself up for disappointment, which I hate to admit is true, so this year I did something different.

I created my list and then forced myself to revise the list by crossing off the items that could wait a little later.  Now as I read over the list there are  items I think are realistic to check off as they are accomplished.

1. Get to the gym every morning(and a few evenings).

2. Complete 2 open Shutterfly projects.

3. Clear out some of dead leaves to make room for the new growth from my Hosta and Hydrangea plants.

4. Rearrange my son’s room before he comes home for Easter.

5. Purchase new living room furniture and rearrange the living room.

6. Clean out the pantry.

7. Finish reading some of the books on my nightstand.

I can’t wait to begin checking them off!!


In the often hectic world of teaching, it is nice to be able to take some time and reconnect with each other.  One of the ways our school does this is by keeping certain traditions.  Today, as we do every year, we had our St. Patrick’s Day lunch.  Everyone participated by contributing items for the lunch.  There is the wearing of the green and the familiar and comforting smells of soup and other goodies coming from the faculty room.

On this day there aren’t enough chairs for everyone around the tables, and regardless of how busy everyone is it’s not as important as the warm bowl of soup from the delicious choices available.

It’s time to reconnect and laugh.  It’s time to forget about diets and just try the varieties of soups, breads, cookies, and shamrock shakes to get you through the rest of the day.  I hope we never give up our traditions.

Waiting Slippers

I consider my day over when I can take off my shoes, put them away and slip on my fluffy slippers.  I can begin to unwind and take care of things at home.

My husband has reminded me that we are meeting up with another couple for dinner.

“Oh, no!”

“I have to put my shoes back on.”

“Can’t I just go in slippers?”

“My feet won’t like it.”

“I’ll get ready.”

The shoes go back on and out the door I go.  But the slippers are right by the door waiting for my return.

The Collection

One of the things I enjoy doing is collecting recipes that, at some point, I would like to try.  I keep them all in a binder categorized by appetizers/snack, sides, main course, desserts.  My husband always tells me that I should just order the magazines online and download them so that I can keep everything at my fingertips.

Although that may be easier, I love thumbing through the binder I have created.  There is a sense of accomplishment and excitement when I can add a new page to the growing collection or look back at the recipes I have tried.  I enjoy taking it down to the kitchen and propping it open so I can experiment through the sections of the book.

I may not be the next Martha or Giada, but when I open my book, I can temporarily be as good as them.  I guess it’s my own fairy tale.

The Call

SOLC: Day 10

4:00-The plane should have landed.  I keep checking my watch.

4:15-I checked with the airline and the flight arrived.  Why is this so hard?

4:30-They should be going through customs and baggage.  I keep checking my watch.

4:45-“Should I call?”

5:00-“When is he going to call?”  “Maybe I should call?”

5:15-“I hope everything is okay!”

6:00-The Call!!

He finally calls and tells us he’s back in Florida.  He had been away for a week building homes and working with children in a remote area.  No way to contact him, no way of knowing if he was okay.  It was a long week and I had to have faith.

I knew that my baby bird would have to fly, but now that he can fly I wish he were closer to the nest.

The call has brought some relief!  He is home and now I can rest.

Another year goes by

SOLC: Day 9

Remembering Grandma (This is a post from last year)

Seven years ago, my grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease.  It was a terrible blow to me because she was the only one of my grandparents that was still alive.  She was a strong opinionated woman and was well known (and loved) by everyone in her town.  She seemed to know everyone as well as their family members and would always point out anyone that was related to us.  I always thought she would have made a great lawyer, but she never did because she married at a young age and became a stay at home mom.  My sisters and I always loved spending time with her because whenever we would visit, she would cook all of our favorite dishes, and she would take out her photo albums and tell us the stories behind the photos.  Grandmothers are great like that!

During our last visit with her, I understood the cruelty of Alzheimers and its affect on everyone else.  Although my grandmother was there physically, her memories had always disappeared.  Each of us had to remind her of who we were and she could no longer tell us the stories behind the photos.  We now had to tell them to her.  I watched as this once strong woman required us to label the rooms in the house so she wouldn’t get disoriented.  At that point, I realized that she was already gone.  I told my husband that that person was just the shell of the grandmother I knew.   What a cruel disease!

I mention all this because today is her birthday.  I miss the stories and food, but mostly being able to call her and wish her a Happy Birthday.  I guess what I want you to know is…Always value the time you have with your loved ones and remember to give them a big hug!

The Drive

SOLC: Day 8

This morning as I drove to school, this was my view.  I usually don’t like to drive in the snow but this makes it feel like I’m going through a post card into a magical world full of adventure (maybe I’ve seen Narnia too many times).  Let’s see what adventure awaits when I go through and arrive at school.