Where does the time go?

Exactly 13 years ago, she came into this world.  She was quick to come out and greet the world with her tiny cries and rosy cheeks.  The youngest of the three, and yet, the longest and heaviest at birth.  Daddy was the first to hold her, look into her eyes, and fall in love with this little girl.

The icing on the cake

Quick to come

tiny cries

rosy cheeks

all dressed in pink.

In daddy’s arms

warm and safe

a new love born,

the icing on the family cake.

13 years have come and gone,

the baby toys have disappeared,

and her room has changed.

She can’t be carried in our arms

but she can curl beside us

in our bed

and look up with the eyes we met on her birthday.

She is still the icing on the cake.

Happy Birthday, Maddie!

The New Challenge

Yesterday our school launched our first-ever month long writing challenge.  Since it’s our first year, the invitation was extended to our 4th and 5th grade students(12 classes).  We created a school blog, invited the students, the principal showed the site to all the students, and we crossed our fingers.

Would they accept the challenge?


By 4:00, there were over 20 responses.

By 5:30, there were over 50 responses.

By 10:30, there were over 100 responses.

They were hooked!

Some students came to school this morning asking for more direction on the site, and excited to write a new post.  One of our teachers began the morning meeting by posting a slice as a model for the class.

I can’t wait to read, what I am sure will be, over 100 new posts today.