The New Challenge

Yesterday our school launched our first-ever month long writing challenge.  Since it’s our first year, the invitation was extended to our 4th and 5th grade students(12 classes).  We created a school blog, invited the students, the principal showed the site to all the students, and we crossed our fingers.

Would they accept the challenge?


By 4:00, there were over 20 responses.

By 5:30, there were over 50 responses.

By 10:30, there were over 100 responses.

They were hooked!

Some students came to school this morning asking for more direction on the site, and excited to write a new post.  One of our teachers began the morning meeting by posting a slice as a model for the class.

I can’t wait to read, what I am sure will be, over 100 new posts today.



4 thoughts on “The New Challenge

  1. Congratulations! During March I found that boys that would not normally write, wrote for our blog! Happy blog reading to you!

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