Just when I thought I had heard it all

During one of my reading group discussions today, one of my students made me laugh, made my day, and changed my perspective.  Here’s how the conversation went…

Me:  “Take a look at page 9.  What is the problem with the pot Chef Lobo is using for the stew?”

M:  “The pigs are saying that it’s too big.”

C:  “I know why it’s a big pot.  The Chef wants to pick them up and put them in the pot and cook them.”

Me:  “Oh, my.  It seems that the wolf is up to no good.”

I:  “I don’t think it’s that bad.   I like ham soup.”

The rest of the group gasped.  What did I do?  What did I say?  All their eyes were on me.

I put the book down and began to laugh.  I looked at her and said,

Me:  “I never thought of this story the way you have and yes, I also like ham soup.”

Once we finished reading the story, the group packed up their books, and as they began to leave the room I could hear them say…

C:  “I like ham, too.  I also like bacon.”

M:  “I don’t eat pork.”

Just when I thought I had heard it all, here was the wolf’s assistant ready to enjoy some soup and change our perspective on a story.  Good job, I.

6 thoughts on “Just when I thought I had heard it all

  1. Have you read Carnivores? Wolves eat meat, that’s just what they do! popped into my head as I read this. I guess we have to understand from the wolf’s point of view, there’s one student applying the CCSS 6.

  2. We always say, there are two sides(at least) to every story… We always say it’s good to use open ended questions…
    Your student gave us a fun reminder to consider different perspectives! You did a great job capturing it.

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