90 Minutes

SOLC: Day 3

This morning we received the news that schools were having a 90 minute delayed opening.

90 minutes.

What could I possibly do with 90 extra minutes?  Here is my list of things accomplished with the extra time.

Hit the snooze button one more time.

Check the mail.

Get two loads of laundry washed.

Make a real breakfast for the family.

Watch TV.

Wash the breakfast dishes.

Figure out what we’re having for dinner tonight.

Get one child to work.

Get two children to school.

90 minutes.



4 thoughts on “90 Minutes

  1. I thought I might have those extra minutes today…listening to the weather reports over the weekend, anyone would have thought it was a sure thing. They were wrong…not as much snow or ice as expected in our area. No extra minutes. Using my lunch time for reading and commenting.

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