The New Arrival

SOLC: Day 4

We have been making preparations, baby proofing the house, reading up every book and magazine on the subject.  You would think we were preparing for a final exam.  We are buying the correct food, made an appointment for a check-up, and shared the news with friends, who are excited to meet her.  Everyone wants to know when they can come over to meet her.  The play date requests have started to come.

Last night we were told that she will be ready to come home with us next Tuesday and to expect updated photos today.  Now we are making the necessary arrangements to drive with the children to meet and bring home the newest member of our family, Gracie, the Siberian Husky.  Can’t wait to bring her home!


3 thoughts on “The New Arrival

  1. Tricky! I love the way you began the story and of course it sounded like you were bringing home a baby! Well, in a way you are! Congratulations and let the sleepless nights begin!

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