Not how the day started

SOLC: Day 8

What a great day.  It started with my plans for meeting up with friends in New York until I received the unexpected phone call that another friend had gone into labor.  Now, you have to understand that this call was a surprise because the baby wasn’t due for another 4 weeks and today was the date for the baby shower.

In an instant my plans were changed.  I went out to the backyard and told my husband that we had to hurry to the hospital.  Quickly we made our way, as the parents-to-be called and asked if we were on our way.  As we arrived in the labor and delivery unit, we were greeted by the father and escorted into the room as the laboring mom was being prepped for delivery.  We put our hands on her belly and prayed that the delivery would be smooth.  That little baby was busy moving around as if he were ready to meet everyone that already loved him.  We left the room and waited downstairs as the miracle of birth was taking place upstairs.

One hour later, we received the call from the ecstatic dad that his son had arrived.  And judging from the wails heard in the background, we could tell the baby was just fine.

What had started out as an ordinary day ended as the day we welcomed our newest friend, Lucas!

Happy Birthday, Lucas.