Lost Sleep

SOLC: Day 12

3:00-Yip, Yap, Howl!

3:30-Yip, Yap, Howl!

4:00-Yip, Yap, Howl!

4:30-Yip, Yap, Howl!

I”m up!

The first sleepless night with the new puppy.



4 thoughts on “Lost Sleep

  1. This reminded me about the puppy my neighbor has been taking care of for the last week or so! He is going home today, but you get to keep yours! Maybe a nap today?

  2. Oh no-I thought it was something, like coyotes, outside! Robin of Teaching Tomorrow’s Leaders also has a new puppy! It’ll be better, but it takes a while! Next time-post a picture!

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