Once again

SOLC: Day16

Once again, my heart aches.

Once again, he leaves to complete a semester.

Once again, I promise myself not to get weepy.

Once again, I say goodbye and watch him spread his wings.

Once again, I keep it together and don’t cry

Once again, my heart aches.



3 thoughts on “Once again

  1. It’s sad to see them go, & you shared your feelings so eloquently. Sad to say, but parents would not have it any other way but to see them fly, but still tough.

  2. I remember feeling this way when my mom left me at school. College is a struggle in many ways. Even now, I still miss my mom, and she is still alive and well. Life is no longer like it was when we lived together as a family. Sometimes it’s better though!

  3. Oh, this makes me thankful mine are still little and in their beds just across the hall. Even through the heartache you conveyed in this piece, I still see glimpses of pride as you “watch him spread his wings.” Congratulations on keeping it together.

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