One of those mornings

SOLC: Day 19

My friends tend to make fun of me because I am the type of person that leaves everything for work ready the night before.  This is what happened this morning because I broke with my own protocol.


The alarm rings, but I hit the snooze button.

Jump out of bed

“Oh my gosh, I’m going to be late.”

Jump in the shower

Jump out the shower

“What am I going to wear?”

It’s getting later.

Now the puppy is pulling on my socks and grabbing my shoes.

“Not now.   Can’t you see I’m running late!”

Get dressed

Run downstairs

“Oh no!  I didn’t pack my lunch.”

“Oh no! The puppy left a nice surprise by the door!”

It’s getting later.

Start the car

Take the puppy out.  “Don’t just lay there on the grass!” Oy.

Bring her in.  “Stop pulling my scarf.”

No time for breakfast, just grab a banana.

I’m so late.

Stuck in traffic

I HATE traffic!!

Clock is ticking.

Get to school

Finally made it

Made my coffee

In my room and I posted!

Yeah! I guess the rest of the day will be okay.




3 thoughts on “One of those mornings

  1. You certainly captured the chaos of a morning gone awry. Sadly, this scenario sounds much like my daily routine. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face; I hope the rest of your day was indeed okay.

  2. I could feel the chaos of the morning as I read your piece. I felt like I was running around. I hate those mornings that break routines- I like mine to go the same way every day too!

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