A rare evening

SOLC: Day 25

This evening I indulged in a rare event…I tried out a new recipe.  This may not seem like much but I have a collection of recipes from various sources put away in a binder, yet rarely do I get the chance to thumb through the binder and choose one I want to try out on a week night.  This is reserved for weekends.

Well, I pretended tonight was a weekend.  I chose a recipe, gathered the ingredients, and began my task.  My attention was set upon the task of creating something delectable.  Something I would want to repeat on future occasions.  The issues of the day were no longer of significance.

Ninety minutes later the dessert was complete, and I felt the sense of satisfaction one feels with “a job well done.”  Now I will enjoy the fruit of my labor and thumb through the binder in search of my next task.


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