Laughter in the field

SOLC: Day 26

My daughter played on her Middle School’s field hockey team for the last two years and many of her teammates were together from the time they played in the town’s recreational team.  I recently received a Shutterfly book I created using all of the pictures that were taken over the course of all those games.

As I looked over the finished product, each picture transported me back to each of those moments.  I smiled as I recalled how well the girls played together, the number of goals my daughter made, and all the screams from me cheering on the sidelines (I had a hard time staying in my seat).

After thanking the other team, the girls had a tradition of running in a line up to where the parents were cheering, taking a bow, posing for pictures, and running back to their waiting coaches to pack up.

Some of my favorite pictures of the team are the ones of their last home game.  They were victorious, again.  They thanked the other team, and as usual, they began to run towards the waiting parents.  This time it was different for me.  I realized that as these young athletes bowed and began their final run back toward their coaches, their laughter, wouldn’t be heard again on this field.

As the sun began to go down, I watched them run in the direction of the setting sun.  So poignant.  So symbolic.  This phase of their childhood was ending and I was privileged to be a part of it.

Good Game, Girls!


3 thoughts on “Laughter in the field

  1. Aww! So sweet! A lasting memory to be sure. I love those little photo books you can make at the websites now. They are great and save so much time if you’re a scrapbooker…you’ll always have the moment to cherish even though the sun has set.

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