Lost and Found

SOLC: Day 17

purple socks,

white socks,

striped socks,

red socks.

“Mom! I can’t find my socks.”

black socks,

blue socks,

long socks,

short socks.

“Honey! I can’t find my socks.”

“Have you looked in the dog’s crate?”

“Found them!”

Once again

SOLC: Day16

Once again, my heart aches.

Once again, he leaves to complete a semester.

Once again, I promise myself not to get weepy.

Once again, I say goodbye and watch him spread his wings.

Once again, I keep it together and don’t cry

Once again, my heart aches.


Run, run, stop.

SOLC: Day 14

Most days move in fast forward, today is not exception.

Most days I leave school right away to begin to rest of my day.

Run to the store, run home, run to the tutor, run to practice,  run to pick up from practice.

Run, run, run, as fast as you can.

You can’t catch me, I’m a mommy in command!


this evening there is no running,

there are no appointments,

no pick-ups,

no drop offs,

just me.


to stop




From my window

SOLC: Day 13

As I watch from my window on this cold windy day, what do I see?

Red nose and checks from all three,

running and jumping, free as can be.

An empty backyard suddenly full

of laughter and fun, with more yet to come.

What could cause one to come out on such a cold windy day?

A puppy with energy who just wants to play.

Lost Sleep

SOLC: Day 12

3:00-Yip, Yap, Howl!

3:30-Yip, Yap, Howl!

4:00-Yip, Yap, Howl!

4:30-Yip, Yap, Howl!

I”m up!

The first sleepless night with the new puppy.


482 Miles

SOLC: Day 10

As soon as I post this slice, I am leaving to begin the journey of 482 miles to pick up our new puppy.  We will travel 241 miles tonight and complete the other 241miles in the morning.  Oy!

The things we do for the people we love!

Year 8

SOLC: Day 9

Remembering Grandma (This is a post from last year)

Eight years ago, my grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease.  It was a terrible blow to me because she was the only one of my grandparents that was still alive.  She was a strong opinionated woman and was well known (and loved) by everyone in her town.  She seemed to know everyone as well as their family members and would always point out anyone that was related to us.  I always thought she would have made a great lawyer, but she never did because she married at a young age and became a stay at home mom.  My sisters and I always loved spending time with her because whenever we would visit, she would cook all of our favorite dishes, and she would take out her photo albums and tell us the stories behind the photos.  Grandmothers are great like that!

During our last visit with her, I understood the cruelty of Alzheimers and its affect on everyone else.  Although my grandmother was there physically, her memories had always disappeared.  Each of us had to remind her of who we were and she could no longer tell us the stories behind the photos.  We now had to tell them to her.  I watched as this once strong woman required us to label the rooms in the house so she wouldn’t get disoriented.  At that point, I realized that she was already gone.  I told my husband that that person was just the shell of the grandmother I knew.   What a cruel disease!

I mention all this because today is her birthday.  I miss the stories and food, but mostly being able to call her and wish her a Happy Birthday.  I guess what I want you to know is…Always value the time you have with your loved ones and remember to give them a big hug!

Not how the day started

SOLC: Day 8

What a great day.  It started with my plans for meeting up with friends in New York until I received the unexpected phone call that another friend had gone into labor.  Now, you have to understand that this call was a surprise because the baby wasn’t due for another 4 weeks and today was the date for the baby shower.

In an instant my plans were changed.  I went out to the backyard and told my husband that we had to hurry to the hospital.  Quickly we made our way, as the parents-to-be called and asked if we were on our way.  As we arrived in the labor and delivery unit, we were greeted by the father and escorted into the room as the laboring mom was being prepped for delivery.  We put our hands on her belly and prayed that the delivery would be smooth.  That little baby was busy moving around as if he were ready to meet everyone that already loved him.  We left the room and waited downstairs as the miracle of birth was taking place upstairs.

One hour later, we received the call from the ecstatic dad that his son had arrived.  And judging from the wails heard in the background, we could tell the baby was just fine.

What had started out as an ordinary day ended as the day we welcomed our newest friend, Lucas!

Happy Birthday, Lucas.

Fangs in the mirror

SOLC: Day 7

This was inspired during a snowy day as I was driving home.

The Fangs

Everywhere I look, there they are…

short ones

long ones

thick ones

pointy ones

I can’t seem to get away from them.

They look like hungry animals waiting to devour anything in their path.

When they are quiet and still, they are lined up waiting to be called into action.

When they are awoken from their sleep, they roar and move at all different speeds.

Dirty and scary their fangs grow as the cold wind blows.

It doesn’t matter their make, year, or model.  Every car looks scary with icicle fangs hanging from their front grills and headlights.