The Dance

Sitting in my car at the light

waiting for the light to change.

The wind picked up, signaling the beginning of the dance.

One by one, two by two, group by group,

each slender dancer wearing their little frilly white tutu

came to display their marvelous routines and I was their captive audience member.









they flew around me, as if an invitation was being made for me to join.

All I could do was watch and marvel at how synchronized they became.

Finally, the wind died down and the dance was over.

The light turned green and I continued on my way.

Maybe I will join the dandelion dance on another day.




4 thoughts on “The Dance

  1. Loved this! I tried guessing–incorrectly–who or what it was that you saw. Maybe a group of preschoolers? Some sort of runners in a dress up race? I’m so literal! Was great to see simple dandelions from your perspective for a moment.

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