The Morning Bride

Coming out of my house this morning I was greeted and surprised.
Waiting on each step was a gathering of different color leaves
ready to greet each step I take.

One, Two, Three, until I reached the walkway.
The path was covered as a church aisle waiting for the bride to begin her march.

When did the flower girls prepare the path?
How long have they been waiting for me to arrive?

As I began to walk my eyes remained fixed on the serendipitous carpet beneath my feet.

Fiery red, golden yellow, and cheery orange.
Big and small
New and old
They gathered together to witness it all.

Standing tall I proceeded gingerly toward my car trying not to disturb the design.
Instead of a bouquet
my coffee was all I could display.

Instead of processional music
the radio station gave me the weather report.

As I sat in the car, there was no rice to shake from my hair,
but there were leaves under my boots to serve as a reminder.

The photographers were absent to capture the scene
but my mind will remember the path so glorious and serene.