The Bed is Getting Smaller

SOLC:  Day 3

The bed is getting smaller

Recently my king size bed has begun to shrink.

As I turn in my bed in the early morning

I find myself turning into mounds of fur.

A small ball of fur by my feet

and a much larger ball of fur by my side trying to rest her head on my pillow.

How dare they!

Don’t they know this is off limits!

As I ponder how I will get them off the bed,

I realize my body is not in agreement with my mind.

So, I turn the other way and go back to sleep.

I’ll show them who’s the boss…tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “The Bed is Getting Smaller

  1. As I left work today, with a morning off tomorrow, a co-worker said, “Sleep in!” and I said, “Well, that’s really up to my cat.” So, I feel your pain and enjoyed knowing that someone else allows the animals to take over their king-size bed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ha…this sounds familiar. The cats have been banned and have the door shut against them. They are nocturnal and think a sleeping me is a great target to pounce on. But that small dog is another story. She is like a brick in the middle of the bed who won’t be moved! How dare she, indeed! 🙂

  3. Awww… Love your poem! That happens to me some time at night, when I climb into bed and my large fur ball is sprawled where my legs and feet should be. Usually I’m just too tired to do the heavy lifting and push and inch my way into a straight position. Luckily, Jack gets too hot pretty quickly, so after ten minutes he moves to another cooler location!

  4. Good luck with that! It’s amazing what we put up with from our animals…this time of year I don’t mind too much, they’re warm. Come June, they are shooed away!

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