Just Choose

SOLC: Day 8

I recently went into a store with my 14 year old daughter to purchase a new Vera Bradley bag for her to use as a bookbag.  This is the conversation that occurred as she was trying to decide between two bags:

Me: “Have you decided on a bag?”

M: “No, I can’t make up my mind.  Can I have both of them?”

Me: “No.  Only one.”

(M now proceeds to place one bag over each shoulder and look at herself in the mirror)

Me:  “What are you doing?”

M:  “I want to see how I look with each bag.”

Me:  “OK, but don’t forget that we have other things to do.”

M:  “I know.”  (She now proceeds to put her hair in a ponytail)

Me:  “What are you doing?”

M:  “I want to see how the bag looks with my hair up.”

(Now she takes it out of the ponytail and leaves it loose.)

Me:  “What are you doing now?”

M:  “I want to see how it looks with my hair down.”

Me:  “You have been looking at yourself in the mirror for 20 minutes.  Just choose one!”

M:  “Mom, it’s a big decision.  It’s like naming your baby.  Once you make a decision, you can’t change it.”

How could I argue with that?  I waited another ten minutes, paid, and left the store declaring that the next time she needs a bag, her father will take her.


5 thoughts on “Just Choose

  1. Least she has criteria for her decisions which will help her be a good decision maker. I just stand and stare at whatever items I am choosing between and am not always sure even when I do make a decision.

  2. Well although this does make me glad I don’t have a teenage daughter, she’s got a point. The bag has to go with the girl who shoulders it! I love the way you tell the story here. I can hear your girl pretty clearly. Well done.

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