I Almost Forgot

SOLC: Day 9

I almost forgot to post.  Why?


This evening I was inspired.

Maybe it was the warmer temperature

Maybe it was the extra hour of sunlight

All I know is I spent most of the evening cooking up a storm

that would make Rachael, Bobby, or Giada proud.

I wasn’t satisfied with one meal, but began preparing for meals later on in the week.

Four hours later

tired but satisfied

I looked at the fruits of my labor

and the pile of dishes I washed

and knew I had just made the rest of my week a little easier.




5 thoughts on “I Almost Forgot

  1. I spent the extra hour of sunlight outside, because I had not been outside all day. Your evening in the kitchen will bless you the rest of the week!

  2. I love that you wrote the names of other chefs. It made you sound like more of a chef, using their first names in a way that elevated your cooking prowess. Good job on all the cooking in one night. That is something I aspire to!

  3. Congratulations! What kinds of dinners did you make? I made only enough for a day or two of school lunches for me, but I was happy about that. I also almost missed posting because I almost didn’t get home before the deadline, but I made it!

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