The Laugh

SOLC:  Day 17

I finally walked in through the door of my home at 8:30 after a long day.  All I want is a tall glass filled with ice.  I am tired, hungry, and cranky.  I am hearing people talk to me, but I’m not listening.  I peel off my coat, put down the multiple bags, reach into the cabinet for a glass, and I push the bar to get my ice.  The glass fills up, and that’s when it happened…

the ice machine got stuck and ice began to stream out and all over the kitchen floor.  It looked like an avalanche clinking and crunching out of the refrigerator.  I called for help and both my husband and husky came in.  Did they help?  No!  The husky began to eat ice from the floor and my husband began to laugh as I scrambled to catch the ice and fix the problem.  He stopped the avalanche and as I scooped up the rest of the ice from the floor, I couldn’t help but laugh.  What a comical way to end a long day.

Now I have many glasses of ice to choose from.  No more crankiness.