It made an impression

SOLC: Day 18

Before I met my husband, the one person he would often take out on dates was his only niece, Erica.  As a young girl she would look forward to her dates with her uncle.  He would take her skating, go to the movies, and play make believe with her and her dolls.  He took her to the movies to see “Annie” and it became her favorite musical for many years.  She can still sing all of the songs by heart and can still remember all of the details of her movie date.  That was over 30 years ago.

Last year when “Annie” came back to the big screen, my husband was surprised on his birthday with a card Erica sent from Florida with movie tickets to see “Annie.”  She wanted him to take out our daughter on a date to see the movie that became her favorite because of one of their dates.

They saw the movie and sent a picture of the two of them holding the ticket stubs.  Erica was very pleased.


4 thoughts on “It made an impression

  1. Aw! That’s such a nice story. I love how it all went round. She’s lucky to have such a great uncle. I’m sure he’s a wonderful husband and father as well.

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