My own TV show

SOLC: Day 21

I haven’t been slicing the past few days because I have been starring in my own version of “Hoarders”.  Since Thursday, we have been painting and putting in new carpeting.  We had to move everything of the bedrooms and put them any all over the house.  By the time everything was out of the bedrooms, we had our own version of Hoarders.  What a mess!  We had to create walking paths to get to the other rooms and our poor dogs were confused.  I thought I was going to scream.  My OCD issues were in overtime.

Now everything is back in place and ready for tomorrow’s open house.  I hope everything goes well because I am exhausted!  Good Night.


7 thoughts on “My own TV show

  1. stuff accumulation, which happens even to non-stuff people can be more accumulation and inertia — and holding on to the associated memories. Unless you own no more than will fit in one suitcase, you will accumulate. I’ve only known one person who could do that. A point may be beside the point.

  2. Thank you for sharing and welcome back! I appreciate the humor you put into this slice. Hope you slept well and the open house goes well!

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