Hide and Seek

SOLC: Day 22

Earlier today I sat on the couch waiting for the realtor.  I was waiting to leave and she was going to show my home to prospective families.  As I waited, I began to recall how we purchased this home and worked on it for a week before officially moving in.

It was the night before the move and without any furniture, TV, or board games my two boys (ages 4 and 7) were bored.  “Mommy, we want to play a game” they would say.  After thinking for a few moments, my husband and I decided to play hide and seek.  How would we find any places to hide without furniture?  This would be a challenge.  First, my husband and I began to slowly count while the boys looked for places to hide.  “Ten.  Ready or not, here we come!”  The search began and we wondered where they could hide in an empty house.  We began to open closet doors and to our surprise, no boys.  As we continued the search we found them hiding in places such as: the lower kitchen cabinets, the pantry, under an air mattress, in boxes, and even in a suitcase.  What ingenuity!  Then it was their turn to count.  Where did my husband and I hide?  Well, all I can say is that hiding behind doors or in closets is too obvious and you will always be the first to be found.


5 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

  1. When we left our last house, it was a rental and we were buying our first home together. I thought I wouldn’t be sad about leaving a rental since it wasn’t really mine. However, as we drove away one last time with one last load, I cried. My youngest son was only 3 weeks old when we moved into that house. He learned to crawl, walk, and talk, while we lived there. My husband and I has an amazing year in our marriage there. My oldest son started and finished pre-k there. While it was never our house, it was still our home. I treasure those memories and I am so thankful you reminded me of them.

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