Do you know me?

SOLC: Day 24

I read a post the other day by a fellow slicer (sorry, I can’t remember the site or slicer) that listed 10 tens most people didn’t know about her.

It inspired me to begin a list of things that most people wouldn’t know about me.  Today I will list 2 of the 10 things.

10 Things People Don’t Know About Me (Part 1)

1.  When I was a little girl and would got sick, I always asked my mother to buy me a new coloring book and new crayons.  The act of coloring always soothed me and I really enjoyed the smell of new crayons.  Honestly speaking, I still enjoy the smell of new crayons.

2.  I was the first granddaughter on both sides of my family.  Yes, you could say I was spoiled.

4 thoughts on “Do you know me?

  1. Even as an adult, I always get a box of crayons at the first of the year and a couple of coloring books. I keep them at my house for my nieces and nephews but I also enjoy coloring when I am stressed. 😄 I think it brings back memories from when I was younger and coloring inside the lines was my biggest worry!

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