She is picky

SOLC: Day 30

I took my dog early this morning to the dog park.  It was time for some mommy and husky alone time.  I packed a bag with a bowl and bottle of water and headed out.  We arrived at the park and were the only ones there, but we proceeded to go in and she was excited to run around.  After a couple of minutes, I realized that I had forgotten to bring a ball for her to catch but as I looked around I soon found one that been left by other owners.  It was beaten and dirty but I decided that I could kick it around for her to chase.

I kicked the ball and she proceeded to run after the it.  She caught the ball and sniffed it but she would not pick it up and she definitely was not bringing it to me.  I walked over to the ball and kicked it again.  Once again she ran after the ball but would not pick it up or bring it over to me.  As I took a closer look I noticed that all she would do is chase the ball, sniff it, and walk away.

Fifteen minutes later other dogs joined us in the park and my picky dog joined them in running around and chasing the ball, but again would only sniff the ball.

I guess she has standards when it comes to stray balls left alone in the park.