It made an impression

SOLC: Day 18

Before I met my husband, the one person he would often take out on dates was his only niece, Erica.  As a young girl she would look forward to her dates with her uncle.  He would take her skating, go to the movies, and play make believe with her and her dolls.  He took her to the movies to see “Annie” and it became her favorite musical for many years.  She can still sing all of the songs by heart and can still remember all of the details of her movie date.  That was over 30 years ago.

Last year when “Annie” came back to the big screen, my husband was surprised on his birthday with a card Erica sent from Florida with movie tickets to see “Annie.”  She wanted him to take out our daughter on a date to see the movie that became her favorite because of one of their dates.

They saw the movie and sent a picture of the two of them holding the ticket stubs.  Erica was very pleased.

The Laugh

SOLC:  Day 17

I finally walked in through the door of my home at 8:30 after a long day.  All I want is a tall glass filled with ice.  I am tired, hungry, and cranky.  I am hearing people talk to me, but I’m not listening.  I peel off my coat, put down the multiple bags, reach into the cabinet for a glass, and I push the bar to get my ice.  The glass fills up, and that’s when it happened…

the ice machine got stuck and ice began to stream out and all over the kitchen floor.  It looked like an avalanche clinking and crunching out of the refrigerator.  I called for help and both my husband and husky came in.  Did they help?  No!  The husky began to eat ice from the floor and my husband began to laugh as I scrambled to catch the ice and fix the problem.  He stopped the avalanche and as I scooped up the rest of the ice from the floor, I couldn’t help but laugh.  What a comical way to end a long day.

Now I have many glasses of ice to choose from.  No more crankiness.

Is it Magic?

SOLC: Day 16

My hamper is magical.  Yes it is.

You see, you empty the contents

wash, fold, and put them away.

And in the blink of an eye

I turn around and find that it’s full again.

Did a magician wave a magic wand?

Did someone say abracadabra?

I don’t pull cute little bunnies out of a hat.

Instead I find stinky clothes waiting for me to perform my own magic

and make them new again.

Abracadabra!  Mommy the Magnificent!



The Plans Have Begun

SOLC:  Day 15

My parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage this July.  My sisters and I have begun the process of reserving a venue, the guest list, ideas for centerpieces, invitations, etc.  It doesn’t seem possible that it has been 50 years but I began to reflect on their life together, how they met, and the stories they have passed from their parents to us.  I am going to attempt to write some original poetry and collect stories from everyone in the family and put them in a Shutterfly book.

Here is the first draft of part of a poem I began today.


50 Years have come and gone

for a couple that met when they were very young.

Marrying on the island of their origins

and moving to a home far away.


Then and Now

SOLC: Day 12

We used to carry her like a baby.

Now she doesn’t fit in our arms.

She used to have trouble getting on the bed.

Now she can slide in with ease.

She used to fumble while trying to pick up a ball.

Now she can pick up a basketball with her teeth.

She didn’t know how to respond to her name.

Now there are moments when she pretends not to know her name.

She has changed a lot in one year.

Now we are looking forward to what Gracie will teach us this year.





Can’t believe it’s been a year

SOLC: Day 11

Today makes a year that we picked up our newest, and sometimes craziest, member of our household.  Here is a picture from the day we picked her up from the breeder and immediately became comfortable with my daughter.


Sliding Into Bed

SOLC:  Day 10

Slowly, I slide out of bed

tip toe, tip toe, as quiet as a mouse.

Only a few steps away and when I turn around what do I see?


This is the routine that never seems to fail

as I slide out of bed, she slides in.

It’s as if she has a special doggie sense that lets her know

a warm soft pillow is waiting to be enjoyed.


She slides into bed and rests her head on my pillow.

She twists her body into what I can only call “Husky Yoga Poses.”

Slowly, her big blue eyes begin to close

and with a sigh and a slight smirk across her mouth

back to sleep she goes.


How could I resist?





I Almost Forgot

SOLC: Day 9

I almost forgot to post.  Why?


This evening I was inspired.

Maybe it was the warmer temperature

Maybe it was the extra hour of sunlight

All I know is I spent most of the evening cooking up a storm

that would make Rachael, Bobby, or Giada proud.

I wasn’t satisfied with one meal, but began preparing for meals later on in the week.

Four hours later

tired but satisfied

I looked at the fruits of my labor

and the pile of dishes I washed

and knew I had just made the rest of my week a little easier.



Just Choose

SOLC: Day 8

I recently went into a store with my 14 year old daughter to purchase a new Vera Bradley bag for her to use as a bookbag.  This is the conversation that occurred as she was trying to decide between two bags:

Me: “Have you decided on a bag?”

M: “No, I can’t make up my mind.  Can I have both of them?”

Me: “No.  Only one.”

(M now proceeds to place one bag over each shoulder and look at herself in the mirror)

Me:  “What are you doing?”

M:  “I want to see how I look with each bag.”

Me:  “OK, but don’t forget that we have other things to do.”

M:  “I know.”  (She now proceeds to put her hair in a ponytail)

Me:  “What are you doing?”

M:  “I want to see how the bag looks with my hair up.”

(Now she takes it out of the ponytail and leaves it loose.)

Me:  “What are you doing now?”

M:  “I want to see how it looks with my hair down.”

Me:  “You have been looking at yourself in the mirror for 20 minutes.  Just choose one!”

M:  “Mom, it’s a big decision.  It’s like naming your baby.  Once you make a decision, you can’t change it.”

How could I argue with that?  I waited another ten minutes, paid, and left the store declaring that the next time she needs a bag, her father will take her.