Looking Back

Sitting in the backseat

looking out the rear window.

The sight was more than I could ever have imagined.

The ominous wall of black

eerily rising to the sky

seemed as if a volcano had erupted in New York City.

As we rushed up 10th avenue

I continued  to look back.

I just wanted everyone to know that I was safe and on my way.

Slowly but quietly we crossed the G.W. bridge

stunned at what we were watching and the sounds of jets flying each and every way.

Down the turnpike we raced

no toll workers at their booths

no police to care how fast you were going.

I continued to look back out the window.



Hoping and praying that loved ones and friends were safe.

Desperate  to be close to my family,

but I kept looking back and wondered…




14 years later, I can still look back and recall the emotions, fears, wonderings, and sights of that dreadful day.