The Beast

SOLC: Day 3

Last year my daughter joined her High School Varsity Basketball team.  We were amazed at the fact that she made the team given her lack of  experience, other than playing against her older brother in the driveway of our house.

My husband and I would watch as she would run up and down the court and support her teammates, but also realizing she was too polite to the opposing team.  It seemed as though she was afraid to take the ball from them or get in their way as a player would make a shot.

Our rides home were filled with conversations about how proud we were of her trying something out of her comfort zone, but how she needed to “toughen up”.  We had to help her learn that the size of the players didn’t matter, the fame of the opposing school was insignificant, and that being told, “you private school kids have it easy” was just a method of trying to make less of their training and hard work.  Once the season ended, she was talking about her expectations for the next year.  We wondered if she would have a “next year” with the team, but her coach told her he wanted her on the team because of her speed and determination.

This year she once again made the team but things were a little different.  She played offense and was very good at blocking girls much taller than her.  She was quick across the court and became so aggressive that during the season she jammed her thumb, fractured her pinky, and was knocked down too many times for my comfort.  During one game, several spectators from the opposing team commented that she was “a beast” to which she simply smiled and thanked them.

A beast?  Yikes!

Basketball season is over and track begins next week.  We’ll see what “the beast” does this year.




3 thoughts on “The Beast

  1. Sounds like she has toughened up a lot now that she’s being called “the beast!” Love it!

    I remember that she was a little girl when you started slicing several years back. My, how time as flied!

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