SOLC: Day 5

I don’t get too many Saturdays at home where I can relax and lounge around in sweats, so  I was looking forward to having part of today to myself.  Well, we went out checking out some new car options.  Some people enjoy the process of shopping for a car, haggling with the dealer, and the victory of the new car smell at the end of the process.

I, on the other hand, am not a fan of it.  I consider the process to that of shopping for a bathing suit.  You have an idea of what you would like until you get to the store and begin trying on the various suits.  Not the right fit, too flashy, too boring, not the right color, and ridiculous prices.  You try them on and take a look but nothing seems to feel just right.

Six hours later, and no final decision.  I am back home and tired.  No new car today, but I will put on those sweats and try to enjoy the remainder of the day.



8 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. I too am not a fan . . .new cars cost a lot of money and are worth thousands less the minute you drive off the lot! Not my kind of shopping!!

  2. I do not enjoy shopping for ANYTHING! It frustrates me all so much, so I c an imagine how you feel right now. I hope those sweats are on, and your feet are up!

  3. I totally understand the feeling of frustration when shopping. You swimsuit analogy worked so well and, when I read, ” I consider the process to that of shopping for a bathing suit.” you totally had me. Nice job. Thanks for writing!

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