The Sunday Evening Dance

SOLC: Day 6

Every Sunday evening, the same dance occurs at home:

Checking homework

Pressing uniforms

Catching up on laundry

Getting lunches ready

Checking emails

Finalizing lesson plans

Aligning calendars

Last minute shopping

The dance continues until every last member joins on the dance floor.

When the music ends, all the participants are tired and ready to put away the dance shoes.





4 thoughts on “The Sunday Evening Dance

  1. Oh, I love that! Well said. I am currently avoiding the start of The Dance, but it is inevitable! Enjoy your Sunday evening, and may The Dance lead to the start of an enjoyable week…

  2. It has been some 20+ years, so it is a solo performance for me now, but oh I remember when the full company was on stage and all those intricate steps. Nicely done, bravo.

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