The Game of Telephone

SOLC: Day 16

On Monday as I was leaving a faculty meeting, my mother called to inform me that one of my oldest friends was in the hospital with kidney issues.  Upon questioning, she proceeded to tell me that my friends’ in-laws told this information to a mutual friend, who called and told my mother.

I have been friends with her since Middle School so as I got into my car, I called her home hoping to speak with her husband and get more information on her condition.  Much to my surprise she answered the phone and was just as surprised to hear my voice.  I began to ask her how she was feeling and as we chatted I told her about the information I had received about her condition and her hospital stay.

She proceeded to laugh and inform me that her kidneys are fine and that she had spent one day in the hospital in February due to testing.  I breathed a sigh of relief and we both laughed.  We concluded that our parents are not allowed to give messages because they may cause me to end up in the hospital!



4 thoughts on “The Game of Telephone

  1. I am glad you both see the humor in this situation, and I am glad your friend is okay. I feel like this is something that could happen in my family, easily!

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