Midnight Run

SOLC: Day 23

“Pink sock” said the nurse as she entered the waiting room.

“That’s us” we answered as we walked towards her.

She instructed us to follow her to an examination room to speak with the doctor.

A visit to the emergency room was the last thing I thought I would be doing tonight.

$200 later, the sock was out and we were in the car on our way home with a groggy patient.

Our crazy Siberian Husky!



7 thoughts on “Midnight Run

  1. Your first words “”Pink sock” said the nurse” hooked me. I had to read along to figure out what was going on. Glad the sock is out and the Siberian is okay. Sorry about the bill!

  2. Such a perfect slice for National Puppy Day! My dog is 9 but I still think of him as my puppy. Glad the pink sock was removed at the vet’s and your pup could go home with you. The sock has your scent on it, and your pup just wanted to relish it.

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